Kids are a big deal at the Vineyard!


Kingdom Kids

Infants – Kindergarten



1st-5th Grade


Jr. & Sr. High

A common myth in many churches is that nursery care is simply free babysitting. Kingdom Kids is so much more than that. Our goal is to partner with you in laying a stable groundwork of faith in the lives of your children. Our hope is that through their time with us your little ones will hear the basic stories of the Bible, learn about God’s character, and begin to develop their own relationship with God.

We don’t treat all age groups the same. We realize that every stage in a child’s development calls for different approaches that work for their age. That’s why we divide Kingdom Kids into three groups: Nursery, 2’s & 3’s, and Preschool. Moving from fluid play in the nursery to the more structured lessons in Preschool, your kids will have the opportunity to learn about God in a way that works for them.

Kids in elementary school are bundles of energy, ready to learn, and looking to make friends. That’s why Kids ROCK! is focused on two things: Consistent Relationships and Practical Application. Firstly, we believe that healthy relationships are key to kids getting off to a good start in their journey with God. That’s why we consistently make time for them to build friendships with each other, with their adult small group leaders, and with their Heavenly Father. Secondly, we want to help them move beyond just learning stories, and memorizing bible verses. We want to help them begin to apply the things they’ve learned through practical action.

Let’s face it, raising teenagers can be a real challenge.  In Amplify, your teens will get to experience outrageous games, mixers, worship, small groups, relevant teaching, camps, retreats, and mission trips. They will be challenged to serve and to identify their gifts God has given to them to be a blessing to the church. Amplify can also provide a positive peer environment that reinforces the Christ-centered values you are discussing and modeling in your home.  They meet on Sundays during our 11:00am service.