Patten Towers

Our monthly trips to Patten Towers are about more than food. Over the years, Steve and his team have become friends with the residents there, delivering a lot more than canned goods on the last Saturday of every month. It’s one of our longest-running ministries, and it doesn’t need a big program to do a lot of good. If you’d like to join Steve and the team this month, let us know!

Servant Evangelism

Kindness is normal. At least, it should be. Throughout the year, we have lots of opportunities for you to practice kindness and spread the gospel. It’s all easy stuff, and usually you can get the whole family involved. If you forced us to pick a favorite, it would be Pops in the Park at Coolidge Park every July. We hand out a few thousand freezy pops to folks attending the Pops concert, and it’s become one of our favorite traditions from the earliest days of our church.



India & Mexico Missions Partnerships

For more than a decade, we’ve supported Vineyard missions partnerships in India and Mexico. Through these, we’ve seen churches planted, communities reached, and lives changed in some distant corners of the world. More than that, the families that lead these partnerships have become dear friends, and we’re always excited to hear about their work.

Mission Trips

On occasion, we do mission trips to places like Haiti, Mexico, Costa Rica, and India, to name a few. We’re not into the whole “Christian vacation” thing, we want these trips to involve hands-on ministry. Check out our announcements to see if we have a mission trip opportunity upcoming.