Preaching is important to us. It’s more than just learning facts or reciting motivational phrases. Our teaching team strives to make all of our sermons Spirit-led, Biblically faithful, doctrinally sound, deep, relevant, grace-filled and challenging. Some series might be an in-depth look at a book of the Bible, others might have an over-arching topic that’s not locked to one book. And yes, we said “team” – In addition to Bud and Melody, our Lead Pastors, there are 2 other members of the teaching team who regularly speak.

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Wonderfully Made



Doers of the Word


Giving and Forgiving

Easter 2017

Not the revolution you were looking for.

Narrow Places

Liberation and freedom in the book of Exodus.

The Mirror Revisited

Jesus says that our heart can be found where our treasure is. How we behave with money says a lot about what we truly value.

The Why

Doing the stuff that Jesus did.

The Heart Has a Home

Christmas through the Gospel of John


Hope for the Hopeless.

1 Peter

Holiness for the Real World.

 Entering the Psalms

How the Psalms can transform communities, culture, and Christians.



The story of the early church.

The Kingdom


A look at the letter from Paul to the churches in Ephesus.

Who We Are

Our Vision for 2016.

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