Where is the Vineyard?

6028 Shallowford Rd, Chattanooga TN 37421

What you can expect


We meet in our building at 6028 Shallowford Rd in Chattanooga. Our service begins at 11am and lasts for about an hour. We spend some time singing a few modern worship songs, followed by a practical, relevant sermon delivered by Bud, Melody, or one of our other teaching team.

Wear what you’re comfortable in. We won’t look at you weird if you’re in a suit, and we won’t kick you out if you’re sporting shorts and a White Lion 1985 Tour T-shirt.

Kids are a big deal at the Vineyard. We have a nursery for the little ones, and age-appropriate (and fun!) programming for toddlers through 5th grade every Sunday.

There’s free coffee and Tasty Donuts every week, too!


 Who are the pastors?


Bud & Melody Winderweedle

Bud and Melody are neat people. (And no, they didn’t write this section.) We know it’s a southern thing to call both the husband and wife “pastor” whether or not both of them are actually called to ministry, but Bud and Mel are different: They’re a matched pair, they come as a set. They’ve got different and complimentary gifts in ministry, and it makes them a great team.

They’ve been a part of this church for over a decade, serving in a variety of ministries from youth to small groups to kids and worship. In 2015, they became our pastors after our founding pastor and his family were called to plant a church. Since then, they’ve put an emphasis on our church being an active community, empowering the volunteers that make up all of our teams to really dig in and do the work of ministry.

Want to chat with them? Find them on Sundays, or send them an email.


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